Last night I arrived with some of my fellow classmates in the “Mother City,” aka Cape Town. From the moment we walked through customs, I knew this was going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. Unlike European customs, the officials at the check-in were extremely friendly, questioning us about America and whether or not we have met Beyonce and Jay-Z. The customs officials joked and laughed with us, while also making fun of us for looking so tired after over 24 hours of travel. I explained to the customs official how shocked I was at how friendly they were and he responded, “You are in Africa, we do things very differently here!” With a big, warm grin. He then proceeded to explain the term “Ubuntu.” This word means good-will, togetherness, human-kindness, etc. I can’t wait to experience “Ubuntu” first-hand as we dive into the South African culture. Join me as I dive into the South African culture over the next two weeks 🙂


Here’s a great link that explains Ubuntu even more